Model/Name StarTOC ON-LINE TOC/TN Analyzer Notes
Analysis Method TOC/TN/Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) CO2 and Chemiluminescence Detection  
Analytes Measured Total Organic Carbon; Total Carbon; Total Inorganic Carbon; Non-Purgeable Organic Carbon; TOC-True (including purgeable Organics); Total Nitrogen  
Detector Type (CO2) NDIR (solid state; no moving parts; computer-controlled; non-reflective sample cell-impervious to corrosion and guaranteed for 5 years) and Chemiluminescence detector Footnote 1 - NDIR vs Conductivity
Control/Data Handling Industrial Microsoft Windows CE Computer, Touch Screen, Paperless Chart Recorder    
Sample Introduction Digital Injection  
Sample Handling Up to 400 Microns Suspended Solids      
Measurement Specifications    
Measurement Range (mg/L) 0-25,000 configurable (TOC)   other ranges available
    0-200 (TN)    
Accuracy/Repeatability (%)      
Carrier Gas Flow (mL/min.) 300 mL/max - Computer Controlled Mass Flow     
    Controller CO2 & HC - FREE AIR, OR O2     
  15 +/- 2 PSI        
Average Analysis/Response Time (minutes) Including TIC 11 (application dependent)    
Outputs RS-232    
  4-20 mA (2 ea.)    
  Alarm Relays (3)    
       2 Level Alarms    
       1 Malfunction Alarm    
  Loss of Carrier    
  Out of Service Signal (when unit in calibration or validation check)    
Display Flat Panel Color Paperless Chart Recorder    
Data Storage Internal Memory    
Sample Requirements              
Temperature Range 4 - 90C   Star offers cooler for higher
  40 - 194F   temperatures
Sample flow rate  20 mL/min   Fast by-pass loop suggested
Inlet pressure  0-5 psi    
Sample Drain gravity/air break    
UTILITIES Required      
Power:   100/200 VAC    
    50/60 HZ.        
    15 Amp Service        
Carrier Gas CO2 & HC - free air or O2 (300 mL/minute-max.);     
  15 +/- 2 PSI        
Reagents Hydrochloric Acid    
  Phosphoric Acid    
  Calibration Standards    
  D.I. Water    
Environment Operating Temperature:10 - 50C    
                                            50 - 122F    
  Enclosure Two (2) Attached Cabinets    
    Epoxy Powder Coated cold rolled Steel      
    Stainless Steel (option)      
  Dimensions (HXWXD) 119 X 51 X 38 (cm)      
  47 X 20 X 15 (in)    
  Mounting  Rack or Wall Mount   cf. Installation drawing
  Weight 68 Kg    
  150 Lbs    
Area Classification Option NEMA - 4, IP 65 Enclosure    
Compliance/Certification CE, CSA, ASTM, EPA Methods    
Conformity Complying with all International Standards, such      
    as: DIN-EN 1484, DIN-ENV 12260, DIN 38409-H3     
    ISO 8245, Standard Method 5310B, Standard       
    Method 5310C, Standard Method 5310D, USEPA      
    415, USEPA 9060, ASTM D5173, EN 13137      
General Features Auto-Calibration,         
    Historical Data/Time and Date Stamped      
    Multi-Stream Analysis      User to specify number of 
    Oxygen Generator (electricity only)   Eliminates Gas Bottles for up to 5 analyzers.  Plant Air Not Required. (For indoor/climate controlled environments only)
    Star also offers custom options.      
(All performance specifications have been verified in a controlled laboratory environment.  Actual field performance 
may vary with application measuring range and detection limits depend on the method, injection volume, vessel purity, 
chemicals and gases used, and the qualification of the operators.)
Footnote 1              
          Conductivity vs. NDIR Interferences Chart
          Reliability of TOC Results in ULTRAPURE WATER ANALYSIS

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