Text Box: Excellent low to high levels of TOC analysis for difficult to oxidize samples or in undiluted acids or industrial salts over 26% with low maintenance.





StarTOC OZONE PROMOTED/HYDROXYL RADICAL oxidation method offers solutions for a wide variety of applications. The analyzer is completely automatic, with an integral Microsoft* Windows-CE computer & Touch Screen Display. It eliminates troublesome & expensive factory reprogramming required by alternate microprocessors, when applications change. StarTOC allows easy Operator adjustments from the front panel and many more features, only provided by an integral, dedicated computer.

Microsoft Windows Touch Screen Computer   >> Test Drives
Dual NDIR Detectors Available   >> Brochure
Automatic Carrier Gas Flow Controller   >> Technical Specifications
2 Level Alarms; 1 Master Fault Alarm   >> Computer
4-20 mA Outputs   >> NDIR (heart of the TOC analyzer)

>> TOC\BOD\COD\TOD Relationships

RS-232/485 Outputs   >> BOD / COD Correlation Available
Network Ready   >> The Pitfalls of TOC Analysis and How to Avoid them
Auto-Calibration/Auto-Clean   >> Applications
Benchmark/Auto-Validation   >> Technical Papers
Correlated BOD/COD    
Multi-Stream Analysis  

Why choose StarTOC?

NEMA 4X/IP 66    

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