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High purity water is required for boiler feedwater to extend the useful life of expensive turbines, boilers, pumps and other associated components. Heated boiler feedwater is converted to steam, which is used for those processes requiring heat & also to drive a turbine/generator system for electrical distribution. The system shown above is commonly used for “Cogen” (Co-Generation) joint ventures, where process steam & electrical users provide a site location to a power generating concern which, in turn, uses condensate & make-up water from the process users as their boiler feedwater. Process plants obtain electricity from the power generating concern & have to assure purity of TOC & control of other impurities in their condensate. Both sides of the joint venture interface are monitored for water quality.

Amines & other organic boiler chemical treatments to inhibit corrosion & scaling are used by the Power Generating concern which show up in the condensate return provided by the Process Plant. StarTOC has developed a method to compensate for these, so that the Process plant is responsible for only its TOC contribution & is not mistakenly charged for the organic additives dispensed by the Power Generating entity.

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